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    verichat get's my vote... never had a problem with it except finding out the hard way that it needs to be in ram....
    The only time I ever made a mistake was when i thought I did and was mistaken.
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    I suggest Causerie as I feel Verichat has got a dull look and problems like mixing of Buddies of various ID's and Bots.
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    I also suggest everyone to atleast try Causerie trail version to know its advantages or diadvantages compared with Verichat because I am using Causerie only after testing Causerie and Verichat.
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    I downloaded Causerie yesterday and can't seem to add any of my buddies. It forces me to assign a group - then tells me Unknown error. I tried calling the help line (long distance from the Caribbean - nice), but they were closed. So far, not impressed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FFly
    If you are looking for MSN client that does not use any 3rd party server, try CCLite.

    Find more at
    I have not tried the other two, but ChitChat works fine for me... you forgot to mention that it is free.

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    Everyone must try VeriChat's bot: VeriBlogger. It is cool and is an exciting development.

    You can publish your own blogs through your handheld device from wherever you are. For more info go to
    and read FAQ.
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