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    Longtime treocentral forums lurker, first time poster.

    Has anyone ever purchased anything from

    They are the lowest by far on a couple of items I am interested in, namely:

    Treo Wireless Headset - $51.79
    PalmOne Treo 650 Vehicle Charger - $11.03

    Both come with free ground UPS shipping.

    I bought some Logitech Speakers from them back in 2002, so, I guess that says something. I'm just trying to figure out how they are undercutting everyone so much.
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    Yeah, I'd like to know, too. I'd like to purchase the TWH, but the $80 price tag is slowing me down.
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    AT&T 8925 + 8GB MicroSDHC + Jabra BT8040

    Copper TREO 680 + 16GB SDHC + Holux M1000B + Palm BT Keyboard + Motorola S9
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    I'd just like to add as an update:

    I ordered the Treo Wireless Headset (~$52) in the morning on Friday April 8. The website reflected it as in stock.

    Later in the day, my fiancee requested I order the PalmOne Car Charger (~$11). I ordered it in the afternoon on Friday April 8, and the web site reflected it as in stock.

    The "Order Status" function on the website wasn't updated until Monday when both orders said "Order Processed."

    Yesterday (Tuesday, April 12) I received an email indicating that the Treo Wireless Headset is backordered until April 21 (as with pretty much every other retailer), and asking if I wanted to continue or cancel the order. I opted to continue.

    When I got home yesterday (April 12), the car charger was sitting at my front door. The Order Status still does not reflect that the item was shipped.

    So--apparently if it is actually in stock, it is a pretty quick turnaround. I do wish the stock notification would have been accurate on Friday, as I might not have missed the complete lack of stock that is apparently going on right now.

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