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    A lot of people ask why they should get an IMAP email host instead of just using their old Yahoo mail or Hotmail accounts. It turns out there are LOTS of advantages to IMAP, and these advantages are magnified when you're using your phone for email. Here's a quick summary to get some of you acquainted:

    1) There's just ONE version of your mail, no matter where you view it from. Losing mail on your Treo (which can happen with any email client due to data problems, etc.) just doesn't matter - it's always on the server. And no matter whether you look at your mail on your PC, or your notebook, or your phone - you always see the SAME messages.

    2) True PUSH available on compatible IMAP servers; I often get my mail faster on my Treo than I do on my desktop. Not all IMAP servers support this feature, but even AOL's IMAP server does!

    3) Much, MUCH faster to sync mailboxes, especially larger ones. Did I say MUCH faster? To sync a mailbox with 1000 items in POP3 takes a LONG time; for IMAP (with ChatterEmail, anyway), however, the time isn't much different than for 10 messages - it's just FAST. It also saves battery, data usage, and calls going to voicemail. For example, to sync (no loading here, just determining what needs to be loaded, if anything) 1000 messages on POP3 requires up to around 100k of data to be transferred to your Treo; for IMAP, it's more like 10k.

    4) Loading "more" of a message is FAR faster in IMAP - In IMAP, the client can ask for the additional part of the message. In POP3, the ENTIRE message up to that point needs to be read.

    5) Attachment handling is HUGELY better in IMAP - you know EXACTLY what attachments are in the message and what their sizes are without having to load anything additional. With POP3, you know how big the WHOLE message is, but have NO IDEA what attachments are there without actually reading the message!

    6) Also related to attachments, with IMAP you can load any INDIVIDUAL attachment; with POP3, you have to load EVERYTHING to get to any one attachment. So you can get a 10k attachment at the end of 2MB of attachments in IMAP by loading just 10k; in POP3, you'd have to load all 2MB! (You wouldn't even know the 10k attachment was THERE without loading all 2MB for that matter)

    7) Folders, subfolders galore. You can move messages between arbitrary folders and in real time (with compatible servers). No waiting til next time you connect, etc.

    This should give you an idea of just how much better IMAP is. Many POP3 hosts allow you to forward mail to another host. Lots of ChatterEmail users take advantage of this to effectively get real-time pushed email from places like Yahoo (i.e. forwarding mail to or, for example). So you don't even have to give up your old email addresses to take advantage of what IMAP has to offer.

    Hope this helps some of you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    Many POP3 hosts allow you to forward mail to another host. Lots of ChatterEmail users take advantage of this to effectively get real-time pushed email from places like Yahoo (i.e. forwarding mail to or, for example). So you don't even have to give up your old email addresses to take advantage of what IMAP has to offer.

    Hi Marc,

    If I use mail forwarding from my pop3 to an imap mail system as you describe is there still a way to the deleted emails on my treo get these automatically deleted back on my pop3 account?


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    Not unless your pop3 system has settings for this. Maybe somebody else here has an idea...

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    This doesn't exactly meet your requirements, but it is what I would suggest if at all possible:

    1. I would switch to an IMAP (and Idle) capable e-mail account like (their free account should do everything I mention). If you can, just start using this e-mail account as your central place for e-mail.

    2. I would set your regular non-IMAP e-mail accounts to forward (if possible) to your fastmail account. By having your other accounts all forward to fastmail, you will be able to get those messages almost instantly on Chatter (and your fastmail account). You could use fastmail to pop this mail (instead of having it fwd to fastmail) but that wouldn't be as good because fastmail would only check for it (and pop it) every 3 hours with a free account. By forwarding it you can keep getting your mail instantly via fastmail without having to pay for a higher level account.

    3. I would then go into fastmail's pop settings (options-->pop links-->Leave on server-->Delete immediately) and set it to pop your e-mail every 3 hours, and to delete your e-mail immediately from the server once it does so. This may seem redundant your accounts are already being forwarded to fastmail, but this method ensures that fastmail will delete any e-mail in your other accounts inbox (and will prevent them from filling up and you having to delete them manually).

    This may not be a solution that works perfectly for you, but hopefully someone will get some use out of it (especially those folks that are using their sprint e-mail accounts).
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    I've been doing as paulsjmail suggested for about a month using the free FastMail option and my fee-based Yahoo account. It works great and I've seen the light - the world of IMAP is so much better than POP. Adding Chatter makes e-mail almost perfect on the Treo and my desktop experience is much improved as well.
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    If you can not forward your mail.... Hotmail or Msn...
    Then look at Fusemail.
    Its about 20 bucks a year but it polls your email account every few minutes.
    Set it to delete messages from your original account and that solves your problem.

    Chatter with fusemail works VERY well for me.
    I typically receive mail within a minute of the time it was originally sent, give or take 30 seconds.
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    paulsjmail -

    I have two followup points to your suggestion, which btw works great for me with optonline/fastmail:

    1) #3 is not redundant as when pop3 forwards to fastmail, fastmail notes the message so that when it polls pop3 w/in 3 hours it does not reload a message that was previously received (in this case, forwarded from optonline). So you never will see a message reappear in your inbox if it was previously received.

    2) To complete the circle of maintaining the pop3 email address from the treo, have the fastmail account smtp settings in chatter note the pop3 address as the "reply to" email address. This way all outgoing messages will appear to have been sent from the pop3 account.

    I cannot speak for other users, but I have been so thorougly impressed with fastmail that I have all of my personal email accounts hosted by them. A convenient way to back up your email folders to a laptop/desktop is to set up the imap folder settings to sync all new messages, which insures at least one backup of your mail folders.

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