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    I've been using a Treo 600, Verizon's, for a few weeks now. I am unable to perform a search for something as simple as a contact in the Address Book (residing on the GoodLink Network).

    I have downloaded and attempted to use FindHack, but have been unsuccessful, even though it specifically asks me if I want to include GoodLink's databases in it's searches. Go figure.

    Has anyone found a program that will able to do a system wide search through Address Books, Calendars and such?

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    Nobody's got a Treo that they run with GoodLink?
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    Well I requested this simple function a while back and still no response. I file numerous contacts / calendar events and could always track down such events through the 'Find' function on Palm apps - With Goodlink - This is impossible. Wiating fo someone to let me know why Goodlink apps cannot be searched?? Is it really that impossible? And would such a standard feature in every other app be missing from Goodlink??? I think so? When can we get the Google Search app for the Goodlink users of the Treo - that would sort it? Any info? anyone?
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    I have submitted a "find or search" feature to our development group but have no idea as to a time frame.

    Bear in mind that the databases used by GoodLink are encrypted, so "standard" search tools won't work.
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    Encrypted for what reason? Never had any security probs with Palm databases over the last 10 years? Our Corporate users (I am talking 1000s and growing) are pressuring IT dept to search for another 3rd party supplier with such standard features - so hope Good will hurry up for their survival's sake...
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    I have to call bogus on that encrypted item from GoodMan - the real reason you can't use the 'find' function in the Treo is this:
    As you may know, Good creates all its own databases - contacts, calendar, tasks, notes - all of it. Now, there is a good reason for that, since they absolutely mirror Outlook, on the device (kind of like Beyond Contacts and KeySuite). So those databases are not the same as the built in Palm apps. And because of that, they can't be searched via the traditional 'Find' function.
    And remember that since GOod creates its own apps, any other function in the device that is dependant on the built in databases (like Voice Dial, or picture mail sending/contact lookup - those kinds of things) won't work with Good.

    All Good needs to do is create their own Find function. Probably not that simple, but - people need it.
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    Nrosser, our databases are most certainly encrypted. If they weren't, believe me, someone could hack into the databases and write a search command to look into the fields within the Good-based databases.

    We do have a find feature in the Inbox, you can search contacts (by name only, but we are working on expanding that). Notes, tasks and calendar find are on the drawing board.

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