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    I bought the S650 silicone case from treocentral and think I have a great sd card storage solution. First, I have a belt clip swivel post attached to the battery cover and have made a cut out in the silicone case for the post. Second, with the case installed on the phone I simply slide the SD card up through the opening in the bottom of the silicone case for hotsync cable/audio jack and into place on the back of the battery door. The swivel case post keeps the SD card from sliding upwards, and the contours of the Treo body keep the card from sliding side to side or downwards. The silicone case easily stretches to place or retrieve a card with no ill effects on the case. I was leery at first about losing the SD card, but for every day activity it is not an issue. You have to reach in to get the card, it has not fallen out yet. I have been keeping my spare 1GB SD card this way for weeks.
    I also posted this in the accessories forum
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