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    I cannot seem to get my versamail to connect to any smtp servers...whether it is gmail or fastmail... any suggestions?
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    Use with your vision username and password for outgoing. You can set versamail up to display your gmail and/or fastmail as the sending address for the recipient. Vision doesn't play nice with other smtp servers.
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    username....Bridges....(NOT, meaning only use the part in front of the @ symbol)
    password...your email password
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    make sure you have authentication enabled for th smtp server is versamails settings.

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    Known issue since last Dec, when Sprint decided to misconfigure their routers.

    Search "mikec" and "smtp" to see the thead.

    Total pain in the arse, with the stupid "sent on behalf of" crap.

    Worked perfectly for over a year....and then they screwed it up for no good reason.

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    I've had no problem using both the SMTP & POP servers for my company mail account (PacBell), my SBCGlobal account, and the web hosting service where I park my own domain.

    I haven't even tried my SprintPCS account 'cause I don't use it. I already have to weed enough spam out of the accounts I do use.

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