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    Hi y'all,
    I have a simple app running on my 650 using Palmsource's OS developer Suite. I have just 3 pop-up triggers in the app. I want to be able to use the 5-way to drop them down and pick an item from the list. I could not find much info about 5-way integration on the Palm website; so I'm hoping some of you experienced guys may know more.
    Which events are passed to the app on 5-way keypresses? How does on change focus from one pop-up list to the other?
    Any links to useful documentation would really be appreciated.

    Thanks a ton!
    - Sid Vajirkar
    Unlocked 650
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    The most straightforward way to enable 5-way support is to include a navigation resource (type fnav) in your application. The resource editor included with PODS can make a basic one for you, and then you can edit it yourself (it's just XML).

    Catching the keypresses is not necessary for most navigation cases.
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    Thanks!!! I wasn't aware its called a navigational resource. I could find more information about how to create one and configure it from the PODS help.
    "You can have Palm OS Resource Editor automatically generate a form navigation resource for your form. The resulting XML will define a navigation resource for the form. The right-left navigation is determined by the object IDs, sorted in ascending order. The up-down navigation elements —ABOVE_OBJECT_ID and BELOW_OBJECT_ID—are initialized to 0. In order to enable up-down navigation, you must specify, for each object, the object IDs of the above and below objects. You can fine-tune the default navigation resource in other ways, if desired.

    To generate a a form navigation resource:

    In the Files pane, open the Form folder and select the form for which you wish to create a navigation resource.
    From the right-mouse popup menu, select Create Navigation Resource. The XML Editor appears, displaying the new navigation resource.
    Edit the XML definition, if required."

    Thanks again!!
    - Sid Vajirkar
    Unlocked 650

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