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    Is it possible to take parts of songs, as mp3s, and use them as my ring tones? I don't know how to edit the mp3s nor get them to come up in the list of ringtones. Can I also make it individualized for different contacts?
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    What I do is play the part of the song that I want on my computer and record it onto my Treo using SoundRec. That turns it into a wav. file and I use CallFilter to designate that wav. file as a ringtone. That maybe a complicated way to do things, but it assures you that you have the exact part of the song you want (trial and error, of course!).
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    You can use the demo version of Goldwave to cut a portion of any audio file. To play mp3 on the Treo, you will need to purchase a separate program such as lightwav. There are other programs besides lightwav but that's what I use right now.

    Also to add. Goldwave can convert the files to other formats as well.
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    You can also save wave files into RAM and use it as a ringer without using a 3rd party application. Just simply email it to your Versamail, download it and save it to Sounds.

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