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    Has anyone tried -- and maybe even been successful -- in moving major memory 650 memory hogs like Goodlink to an SD card? I'm very much trying to conserve the ever-so-precious and poorly managed internal memory so that I can avoid out-of-memory conditions...

    My own experience with moving apps around is that background tasks don't seem to like to be moved to the card, but I'm not entirely sure why... since although the SD card is obviously removable I would knaw off a finger before actually removing it, due to memory constraints of the device itself.

    When oh when is Palm going to bring some relief to NVRAM management issues?
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    GoodLink cannot be run from the SD card. You can move Docs2Go (if you are using it) to the card. The best way is to use their utility found at
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    That got me about 3MB of space back. Nice!

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