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    I have searched and only found some posts about certain databses not syncing, so my problem seems different.

    Installed the shadowmite custom rom with the new sprint update and everything worked fine including syncing. All of a sudden one day my sync sits there and does nothing.

    When I try to cancel the sync it freezes and I have to remove the battery from my treo to reset, and ctl+alt+delete the hotsync program on my PC. I have hotsync on my PC and laptop and I'm experiencing the same problem so it appears to be a problem with my phone.

    It first started freezing on syncing media so I bypassed that, but it will then freeze on the next step (contacts, calander etc).

    Does anyone have an idea on what has happend or how I can fix this? I haven't been able to hotsync for about a week now.

    thank you!
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    Mine does the same thing, it gets to contacts then freezes. If I back up with card backup then hard reset (erase all data) I can get everything to sync, but as soon as I restore with the backup then resync it freezes again. Somebody help.
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    What you need to do in the mean-time is right click the hotsync icon in the tool tray and go to custom then click on contacts and set to do nothing then check set to default so you can at least sync some of the stuff.
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    I was having the same problem. Contacts and Calendar would not sync but freeze hotsync. What you need to do is manually update desktop calendar & contacts with any changes since last successful sync (a pain but necessary - sit down at your desktop and go through week by week until you think you got everything - I had to do about a month's worth of appts). Then you delete off your Treo (using FileZ) every address/contacts/datebook/calendar database in there. Delete them all. Then set your hotsync to "Desktop overwrites Handheld" for contacts and calendar and hotsync. After this you should be fine. You might want to backup to your card right before just in case. I did this and my hotsync problems went away and all is fine now. Good luck!
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    There seems to be an issue when you use drag drop for contact pictures in the Palm Desktop. Same problem, just hangs.

    If you click on the image part of the contact and browse to the picture you want the sync will work.
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    Just an update to anyone who is interested....

    I happened to re-install a custom ROM that was on my phone (updating some apps to the current versions) and once set up my HotSync problem went away.

    So whatever corrupted file(s) were causing my sync not to work, were overwritten when I re-installed my custom ROM.

    Things are back to normal now
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    I had the exact same problem. Everytime I tried syncing, the sync would freeze on Media, and I have to Ctrl-Alt-Del to close down the application on my computer.

    Tried installing Palm Desktop on a 2nd computer, tried restoring from Rescobackup, tried deleting the profile on desktop, tried to have Desktop Profile Overwrite Palm on Media. None of this thing worked.

    Finally I tried deleting the "DCIM" directory on the SD Card. Couldn't delete it on Palm. I removed the card and deleted it on my desktop, and now everything syncs fine.

    YMMV since I dont really have any pictures in the Treo 650 (I have Cingular) and you may end up not have your pictures working properly.

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