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    The PalmOne Support Knowledge Library warnedme clearly NOT to ignore the warnings about the low memory on my Treo 650:

    Solution ID: 32926
    Low Memory and Critically Low Memory Warnings on the Treo 650
    When your smartphone memory is close to being full, the system will start displaying these messages more and more frequently. It is very important to free up memory when these messages are displayed, do not ignore these messages.
    Failure to heed these warnings could lead to erratic system behavior up to and including data loss on the smartphone. See Knowledge Library article 5417 article to free up memory on your smartphone.

    I shot some video, a little more than I should have, and neglected to sync immediately.

    I attempted to sync this morning and now I am in a restart loop, not enough memory to sync (and clear files), not even enough memory to get to a screen where I can manually delete files.

    1. Can I solve this by buying a memory card and plugging it in? Will this work as operating memory or just storage for apps/files?
    2. Is there software I could use to turn my phone into a hard drive (of sorts), which I could access through my mac or pc?

    I want to avoid a hard reset, since I will lose my data.
    I also want to avoid going to the Sprint store, since they will probably just hard reset and say, "oops... you should of synced!"

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    Start with a soft reset. You should lose no data, but you might pick up just enough memory to be able to sync and get yourself out of trouble.
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    I tried the soft reset, but it goes into the loop...
    1. PalmOne screen
    2. PalmPowered screen
    3. Warning: The free data storage space on the handheld is criticaly low. Delete application or Data
    4. Enable Local Network Time
    5. Warning: The free data storage space on the handheld is criticaly low. Delete application or Data

    I've unchecked the box on step 4, thinking this would take less memory. No luck. Stuck in the loop.

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    Try doing a 'no extensions' reset. That is where you click the reset and hold down the 'up' side of the nav pad. Keep holding the nav pad till you see the second logo screen and the let it go. Now you should be able to get into the Treo and tidy up... perhaps delete that big video file or some temp files or old apps. Once you have freed ram, click reset again to perform a soft reset and see if the Treo boots up properly. This trick has always worked for me and allows you to delete locked databses as well. Great for cleaning up after old applications that leave extra bits on the Treo.
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    Hurrah! At least I can get to the menu screen with no reset--thanks.
    Okay, now explain to me how I can delete files. I get "low memory" messages each time I try to open Camcorder, Camera, and Pics& Videos. It will not get me into any of the apps to delete files.

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    Try deleting a known large application or two that are easy to put back from your backup.

    FIRST, though, make a copy of your backup folder.
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    Thank you both for your help.
    I'm back in business. I will *not*
    let that happen again.


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