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    i am new to palm and utlilities so bear with me ...

    i have a Cingular T650 and trying to accomplish the following:

    i maintain Outlook calendar with meeting and conference bridge dial in numbers. The dial in number are placed in the "Location" field of the Outkook appointment.

    After T650 / Outlook synch, I would ideally like to be able to place a call into a conference bridge straight from the Palm Calendar app ... and at leas to to be able to copy the phone number and past it into the phone application.

    However, as soon as i scroll down into the area in the Treo calendar that was transferred form outlook/appointment/location disappears as soon as i try to select it.

    Is there a trick to it or is it design ? Is there a special setting that i miss or utility to plug this gap ?

    TIA andrew
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    see this thread

    short answer is to look at the calendar details, but it doesn't work very well
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    thank's so much ... it answers all the questions !

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