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    Try this from PalmOne themselves. It's free
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    We'll use whatever is best. I'm a paper calendar girl mostly and my husband just jots notes and appts on wahtever is handy. See why we want something a bit more helpful? But, we both have PCs and he uses Outlook for his email and I use Yahoo.

    Also, GBOBMAN, thanks. I checked it out and it looks pretty helpful.

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    try syncing to your husbands computer and sharing an outlook calendar. You can have 2 different hotsync ids that connect to the same outlook profile...
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    How do you get the today plugin to show up on a tab???

    Quote Originally Posted by Chillin_
    Keycaps 600 (works perfectly on 650)
    It is customizable, but the way I have it set it give me an uppercase letter when I hit a character twice quickly (ie, hh = H), or if I hit it three times or hold it it gives me the option character (ie, hhh or h(hold) = $).
    It is an excellent app, and it makes my typing speed Much faster.

    Zlauncher, with Today Plugin
    Again it is VERY customizable, but the way I have it set, every time I turn on my Treo or hit the Home (apps) key it shows me any upcoming appointments for today and tommorow and also any due tasks. Also all my apps are right there for handy use at the same time. I can keep hitting the home key to cycle through my tabs, or I can use left and right, or I can just hit them on the touchscreen. Also browsing inside the tabs to select an app is fully supports by the 5 way nav. key. Plus as I said before Zlauncher is Very customizable, you can change EVERYTHING about it.
    Once I started using Zlauncher, I wonder how I got by without it before. I love it.

    Here is a screenshot so you can see what I mean:
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    Quote Originally Posted by gagan
    How do you get the today plugin to show up on a tab???
    Download the ZLPlugin Today plugin (Chillin posted the files earlier in this thread)
    ZL Preferences
    Click on one of the "Select a Plugin" til you see ZLPlugin Today
    Hit OK

    You can change the preferences through the "Plugin" screen...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gagan
    How do you get the today plugin to show up on a tab???
    It is actually:

    Menu>Options>ZL preferences>Plugin>Plugin Tab: Select.

    Then go to that tab and select:

    Menu>Tab>Tab Properties>Plugin>Select a Plugin: ZL Plugin Today.
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