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    Hi all. It looks like I have lost some of my keyboard lights. As far as I can remember I had lights under the down and left arrows now it is dim or even off

    Am I dreaming or is my 3 week old device dying....AGGGH!!!!
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    Depending on where you got it, if it's only 3 weeks old you should be able to get a replacement.
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    There are lights under those arrows, yes. Perhaps just a little dirty?

    I just wish there was a way to dim the lights along with the screen. The screen dimmed makes reading easier in a dark area, but the keys are still a bit blinding. They do make for a great flashlight in a pinch though. :P

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    I turn my Keyboard lights off when reading at night.
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    Try KBLightsOff, you can at least designate when the lights come on and off on the keyboard
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    I do turn the lights off and yes nothing changes under those buttons. I may just wait for something else to die. So far I have 2 probs:

    - Poor sound - crackles and background hiss
    - Keyboard lights
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    Is there any way to quickly turn the keyboard lights off, like Opt+P for the screen brightness? I am already using BrightCam to control screen brightness and whether or not the keys are lit which works great. I just need a way to dim or kill the keyboard lights when it's very dark and I won't need to type.

    Perhaps when I've had it long enough I'll be able to touch type and then I won't need the keyboard lights at all.

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    try keyshades, i use it, its quick and simple just hold down the side button for 1 second and it turns off and do it again it turns back on.. it really doesn't effect what program uses it because by deafault i have real player as the side button but it only comes up if i hold it longer than 2 seconds
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    kblightsoff is one of the best must have for every treo 650 user. I use it all the time. It's assigned to my side button and everytime i need a light double click it boooom.
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    I just installed KBLights alongside BrightCam and they actually cooperate pretty well.

    For the scenario I described above (BrightCam works fine 99% of the time but occasionally want to turn off keyboard lights at night) it works perfectly. When BrightCam has detected a low light condition and turned the kb lights on, the 1-sec press of the side button will toggle the lights off/on.

    When it doesn't work is if BrightCam detected a normal light condition and already had the keyboard turned of. Then pressing the side button does nothing at all.

    I'll tinker with it a bit to s1 if disabling BrightCam's control of the keyboard will let me have manual control in the daytime, and maybe this report will help tweak the program so it will work all the time with BrightCam.


    PS. I have BrightCam only changing screen brightness during app switches. This probably wouldn't work well at all if I waw having it check every few seconds or continuously.

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