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    What are my options are far a document converters. I have some HTML, TXT, and MSWORD files that I want to put on my Visor? What software is available for these conversions? MSWord isn't as important as HTML or TXT as I can always save the document in text from Word.

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    InstallBuddy automates the conversion process with a variety of file types beyond HTML, TXT and MSWord. One really nice feature is that it will monitor specified Word files, and automatically convert and upload the a file to your Visor whenever it is changed in Word. I've been very pleased with InstallBuddy, but you will only get the most out of it if you use Palm Apps with InstallBuddy plug-ins. For more, see -

    There are free converters for many of the file types that InstallBuddy supports. The free converters generally do just as good a job as InstallBuddy with file conversion, but they lack the ease of use and refinement of InstallBuddy. If you only occasionally translate files, I'd suggest going with free coverters.

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