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    I can't seem to figure out how to get missing sync to store the photos, videos on the Mac. I have the Media conduit set to backup/capture photos/videos, but I can't find them in my users folder anywhere.

    Any ideas?

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    Hmmm. Now I'm thinking this "Media" conduit is just a leftover from when I used to have the sony clie... It doesn't seem to have to have anything to do with the Treo650...
    So it appears I have to copy all photos to the SD card and then use the "Missing Sync" app to mount the card on the desktop to copy the pictures? So there's no way to have all photos copied and backed up by syncing?
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    1) dump the media conduit from your active into your disabled conduits on Library/application support/palmhotsync/

    2) Activate the missing sync program on your treo which will place your SD card on your desktop.

    3) read the instructions on missing sync pdf (page 34) on iphoto plug in. The plugin only works to export from iphoto to your SD card.

    4) To import from your SD card to your computer, choose import on iphoto and navigate the browser window to your mounted SD card photo folder.
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