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    Nah, I don't like your chances. Hey while I'm thinking of it, has anyone had a crack at a DOS emulator for PalmOS?
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    anyone know why when i use mvoice to record the audio from pocket tunes it comes up all choppy? the reason i am doing it so i can use mp3 as a ringer, but dont want the beginning of the song. thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Franko515
    I use DateBk5 to set alarms for myself, and turn the alarm notification ON for that appointment.
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    Franko515, this is a great thread! Thanks for the great apps!! I really like the keyshades app! What has the new update got over the previous version?

    I also just found a great finance app, Ma Tirelire (French for piggy bank) that very useful and freeware too!
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