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    I'm looking for help, or if nothing else, to see if anyone lese is having this issue.

    I'm having a VERY frustrating problem with my Treo 650. About 1/2 to 2/3 of the time, when someone calls my 650, it reboots/resets (basically a soft reset). The phone doesn't ring when this happens, but the caller ID does show up for about a second before it reboots/resets. Sometimes it doesn't reset until I click "Answer" or "Ignore," sometimes it resets as soon as the caller ID shows up (ie. before I touch it).

    Since it doesn't even ring when this happens, it may be happening more often than I realize, *because* after it resets, it goes back to the Phone app, which is where I'd left it (I've watched it do this). I first noticed it on Monday, when the phone was laying on my desk in front of me, and I happened to see Caller ID come up, then it "rebooted".

    Pretty frustrating, eh? Well, it gets better... I just got my *replacement* Treo 650 via FedEx today, and it's doing the exact same thing.

    I made triply sure that I did indeed switch to the new phone (I left on the temporary screen protector that always comes on a new phone, so I could tell the two phones apart for sure).

    Cingular did not send a new SIM card or battery, so those two components stayed the same. They claimed that the SIM card couldn't be causing this issue (I disagreed, but they assured me...), and I can't imagine that the battery would be, either. So, are both phones having the same problem, or is it really the SIM card or battery???

    Also, the old phone (haven't tried this on the new one) would also sometimes reset itself when I tried to launch VersaMail, but as horrible as VersaMail is, I'm not sure if it's related to the other reset issue or just "yet another VersaMail bug."

    In "Day 1" of troubleshooting this problem, Cingular did have me install a patch that they claimed would fix it ("Treo 650 CNG Updater 1.04"). It didn't fix anything, which resulted in them sending the replacement phone on Day 2. It's now Day 3, and the replacement's doing the same thing. I'm an IT consultant and basically live by my mobile phone, so this is killing my business communication.

    Needless to say, I'm less than happy with my $500 purchase, especially since Cingular (or PalmOne?) screwed up my service order, by (1) not giving me the "Nights-and-Weekends-at-7pm" option I'd ordered, and (2) putting me on the *new* $19.99, which gives 3MB data instead of the previous unlimited. End result was a $346 initial bill, $75 of which was "excess data" charges. After over an hour on the phone, the best they would do was change me to the requested services, and credit HALF of the overage charges. Nice, since it was their screw-up to start with. I seriously considered canceling it altogether, and if they can't get me a working phone, I'll definitely be canceling.

    Anyone having similar problems or have guesses as to root cause? If so, please write back at


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    Almost certainly a SIM card issue... Get the Axalto with an "A" at the end of the part number. I'd bet dollars to donuts you've got a Gemplus ("G" at the end of the part number).

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    Then you owe me some money and I'm keeping my donuts.

    Not only did I not have a Gemplus card, but I've since visited a Cingular store, where they replaced the old Axalto with a new Axalto, and the NEW, REPLACEMENT phone is still doing the same thing.

    OK, so obviously it's a software problem, right? Don't think so. I haven't added anything at all to my 650 since the day I first HotSync'd it to import all the data from my old Treo 300. Nothing. Nada. (Unless you count new phone numbers and calendar entries in the Calendar and PhoneBook apps).

    While at the Cingular store, I even did a hard reset, wiping all my data and apps, and using the brand new Axalto SIM card they'd just installed, on the BRAND NEW Treo 650, it's still resetting virtually every time an incoming call comes in.

    OK, so apparently my "new" phone has the same problem as the "old" one, right? Well, he "great" part is that while they had new Treo 650's IN THE STORE I WAS STANDING IN, they "couldn't" replace it because I'd bought it through PalmOne, not through Cingular. That's odd, because *CINGULAR* is the one that sent me the replacement that isn't working!!!

    For anyone out there thinking of going with a Treo 650 and Cingular, think twice. The phone's fine if you can get one that works, but Cingular's "customer service" is a complete joke.

    I've now talked with thirteen (no lie -- thirteen, I've counted them) different people at Cingular's various toll-free lines (and have been routed and re-routed to the point where I now have a list of SIX toll-free Cingular numbers I've called in the past three days), and now have worked with three different people in a local Cingular store.

    End result: My $500 phone still reboots (ie. soft-resets) itself when I get an incoming call (did it five times in a row while I was in the Cingular store).
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    Its not confined to Cingular phones.. its happens on Sprint phones as well. Annoying and very inconsistent.
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    it happened to me a couple of times right after the hasn't happened in two or three weeks now...
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    Is it possible that a Treo 300 file is stored on the 650? I had similar issues when going to a Sprint 650 from an Unlocked GSM unit. If you do a hard reset, does the problem presist.
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    Dump it.

    EXACT same story on mine.

    Great phone, huh?!

    Dump it.
    Cingular T650 back to Motorola and a Zire 72!
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    Check to see if you have the dreaded Halradio.c error. #*377 <hit dial> in the phone
    app. If the crash mentions Halradio you have a bad phone, return it.

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    Would imagine the first thing you did when you got your new Treo was to Hotsync? Please remove all files from backup to another directory, Hard Reset and then re-sync, this will give you your contacts back but nothing else.

    If problem continues I would Hard Reset and then test without sync'ing at all. Because the Treo restore is so complete it is common to copy in corrupt .pdb's, the application hits an event loop which requires a D/B lookup , the application gets a result it didn't expect and crashes. Irrespective of the no. of handsets you have you will be restoring the same corrupt .pdb.
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    Thanks for the responses, but (1) the #*377 just shows "Fatal Exception" while running "Phone", if I remember correctly. (2) I've done hard resets, NOT re-sync'd the phone, called it from another phone and it still soft reset. (3) I've gone into my Backups directory and deleted damn near everything, hard-reset the 650, then re-sync'd.

    Thinking that maybe the battery was somehow to blame, I went to a Cingular store and eventually got them to swap batteries with me. Didn't help. I did *not* have the GemPlus SIM card, but I swapped it, anyway, for a replacement Axion (or whatever the "preferred" SIm is). No improvement. FYI, I was upgrading from a Treo 300, so I thought that perhaps there was some old 300 software causing problems...but then, why did the 650 work fine for the first six weeks? I've added no new software or patches since I first got it. Still, to be sure, I went through and cleaned out all but about 8 files in my "Backups" directory (the "Addresses..." files and a few others).

    Nothing has worked, and Cingular's customer service is pathetic. At this point I've spoken with no less than 20 different people at Cingular (I lostcount at 16 several days ago), I have my third Treo 650 on me right now, and a fourth one is supposedly being overnighted for delivery tomorrow.

    My plan is to re-sync my old Treo 300 to get it up to date with my contact and other info. Next, take the new 650 handset tomorrow, create a NEW user under Palm Desktop (ie. not sync my old stuff), and then use Infrared Beaming to transfer contacts, calendar info, etc (but NO apps or patches) to the 650. If that doesn't work, I'm returning it for a full refund and going with another phone.

    I love the design and feature set of the 650, but I can't live with these problems, and I'm tired of fighting Cingular "support" to get them resolved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eclipse
    Its not confined to Cingular phones.. its happens on Sprint phones as well. Annoying and very inconsistent.
    Actually, on mine it's pretty consistent...I'd say it soft resets about 9 out of 10 times when an incoming call comes in. The biggest inconsistency is whether it resets itself as soon as the caller ID info comes up (without ever ringing), or whether it starts ringing and doesn't reset until I hit either "Answer" or "Ignore." Originally it just reset immediately, without ringing, but more recently it rings, and doesn't reset until I hit "Answer" or "Ignore" (or if I don't hit anything, when it tries to send it to voicemail).

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlkLegGT
    Dump it.

    EXACT same story on mine.

    Great phone, huh?!

    Dump it.
    Why suffer? It's truly unfortunate the T650 simply won't deliver for all as it does for some on this board.
    Cingular T650 back to Motorola and a Zire 72!
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    the phone worked fine till recently. not sure what caused the problem, but now the phone resets about twice a day when an incoming call is coming in.

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