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    Does anyone have a good soft-reset program other than zLauncher that is known to work well with the 650? I tried using Soft Reset v1.1, but immediately after I installed it my Treo began to reset after every hotsync, and documents to go stopped working.

    I have a skin-case and therefore it is really annoying to take it off, remove the battery cover, etc.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Try TreoOffOn byd
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    Sorry for the aborted post above.
    Try TreOffOn by Quickster. It's free (donation). Has many features. Do a search.
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    I use mReset. Works for me.
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    i think uninstall manager has a soft reset feature as well, but i've been using zlauncher now
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    Try SoftReset 1.0 (no space in the name, unrelated to Soft Reset 1.1)
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    I use ResetMe 0.1, works fine for me.
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    Yep, I like MReset...small kb foot print and can be use in a launcher as a standalone app.

    Though in the rare chance I get the dreaded blue screen of death, is there an app/method that let's you push a combination of buttons (like "Command C" to reset a T650 without having to remove the battery cover?

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