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    Although there is a thread for the use of the treo 650 in health care, this thread I am starting, applies more to uses of the treo 650 in or around the Operating Room area and Drs Lounges, either to stay in touch with the office or the family, to access information, or for entertainment and other uses.

    As an anesthesiologist let me start by mentioning the ones I find more useful and hopefully others can post their favorite ones.:


    E-mail with versa mail
    IM with verichat: exchange messages and stay in permanent contact with office secretary.
    Surgery schedule with Yahoo calendar ( no names of patients or just initials). Sync at home with Yahoo calendar.

    2.Information Access:

    Internet use:

    Stanford Anesthesia
    The answer page (for CME).

    Non-internet PDA (applications)
    ER ICU tools
    Merck Medicus

    B. Non-medical

    Fidelity investments (fidelity anywhere)
    and many other sites

    PDA Application
    Airline schedules (CO, AA.)
    Many others


    a. Music and radio using Pocket tunes and Shoucast.
    Mp3 and OGG file player (1gb card) with Pocket tunes. (portable radioshack speakers)
    Internet Radio with Shoucast and pocket tunes with national and international radio stations.

    b.Games: Solitaire, Casino,

    c. camera.

    d. Photo albums

    I am sure there are other real good ones that I do not know and I would like to see posted here.
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    You've got the idea... pretty amazing device!
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    I had an idea yesterday that I implemented in my divisions that I think is very useful for physicians (especially primary care). I installed ProfileMD on their PDAs and have them beam a copy to the patients. This is a very useful way for the patients to keep track of all their pertinent medical info.
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    yes, but keep in mind, needs to be the only app open in order to work. the OS can't multitask, so its not as if you could check email, or your calendar, and receive an IM from your secretary.

    thats the only drawback.
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    Make sure you get CallDirector (to autoforward at home or work).

    Other favorites include:

    Chatter (but does a job on the battery)
    Documents to Go (Office substitute for Word/Excel)
    QuickNews is a nice substitute for browsing.
    Fun Cam and SplashBlog (or HBlogger)
    P.A.R or other voice recorder
    upIRC for Chat
    Games: ShipHunt, WordPop, Bike or Die!
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    While using programs that require internet connection, the only application that does not work is the phone, but you can still can received voice mails or text messages form SMS or verichat. You can listen to music or to the internet radio, and still have verichat (IM) working and check e-mails or check your calendar.

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