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    I've had my Cingular Treo 650 for about 3 weeks. No major problems except for one endless loop & a couple of resets until yesterday....

    Iy seems that once in awhile the phone can't pick up my voice. It's happened three times on calls where I can hear the other party but they can't hear me and about 4-5 time VoiceDial has not heard my input.

    The Treo is pretty stock with VoiceDial, Antivirus, and a couple of games on the card.

    Any suggestions?
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    antivirus?? you don't need it. I think there was a virus for palm os back in the nineties.
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    I would try using filez to delete all the voicedial files...reset...and reinstall.

    good luck
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    Same thing here. I am not sure whether it is a network problem (T-Mobile) or the Treo. At first no one could hear me and then after a hard reset and talking to a Treo tech 90% of people could hear me but the other 10% barely hear me or not at all although I can hear them. The one person who can never hear me is my wife (I know I am setting myself up withthat statement) --we are on a family plan account together and that leads me to wonder if itis with T-Mobile although the other people who often do not hear me are on land lines or other wireless carriers. My SIM looks disclored and worn after at least three years of use so I am wondering could this be a possible source of the problem?
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    This may be a silly suggestion, but check the way you hold your Treo during calls and make sure you're not ending up with a finger over the microphone.

    This happened to me with a previous phone and it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what was happening.
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    The finger on the mic was a good tip but I checked and I still get no voice recognition even when I hold the phone by the sides. The crazy thing is that sometimes this happens and sometimes it doesn't and I haven't figured any sequence that causes it.

    At first I was convinced that it was a hardware problem but now I'm not sure becasue if I turn the device off/on then it's OK for awhile.
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    This problem quickly escalated from an "on occasion" to almost all the time. Got online w/ palm1 tech service and they had me do a hard reset but the problem still existed.

    Finally called Cingular today and w/ a minimum of hassle they agreed to ship a Treo. I'm happy about that but it makes you wonder.....Have they had so many problems they just give you a new phone? As soon as I gave them the serial number etc they said OK will send a new phone in 24-48 hours.

    Got my fingers crossed this was a bad phone & not indicative of problems to come.

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