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    I cannot seem to accept calls without my BT headset. The red and green buttons don't seem to help. Anyone have a answer for this? thanks
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    can u trace it back to when this started happening? i mean anything u did in particular, install an app, deleted a file etc..
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    I do have Treoguatd on my treo. but it says that it is the latest version and that the red and green button issue was fixed.
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    someone please help
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    ok... sometimes the phone button (green) can be hijacked by certain apps, but that doesn't usually happen with the power button (red).

    there is a utility by 'shsh software' that helps u assign the phone button back to it's default function... u can download it from here :

    can't say what's happened to that red button of u'rs... i guess the best thing to do would be a hard reset!
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    I was user error I had calfilter set to disable "all" button from answering calls. LOL. THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP THOUGH
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    boy... if only i could get my hands on u !
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    Looove the user error mistakes. I make many of them myself.

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