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    Okay, I've officially noticed the signal strength meter does not update quickly or at all. On my drive home from work there's a dead spot where I always drop my calls and yet the signal strength still shows 4 bars. Anyone else notice this? It's really annoying that they couldn't make this accurate.
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    The signal strength meter only shows how strong of a signal your phone is seeing; it doesn't show how strong a signal the cell tower is seeing. Because a cell tower transmits at much higher power than a phone, it's possible for the phone to see the tower, but not vice-versa.
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    I would be more willing to say saving cpu power and battery by not continually that for the verizon test man....

    stop, move from the phone app to the menu app and see what is says...
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    I've noticed the one in zlauncher does seem to change a little more often..
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    mine doesn't update at all wwhen I'm on the web

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