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    Marc, what is the purpose of using the console to type in commands vise having additional menu options... ie; have a menu option for "Enable Turbo Mode" or "Disable Turbo Mode" depending on it's state. Or, having "Enable Logging" or "Disable Logging" in a similar way. I find remembering all the commands and the various screen display changes (ie; exclamation mark instead of colon in the time when logging is ON) to be confusing. Personally, having menu commands would be a lot easier for me. But, I'm assuming the console method provides some greater benefit that I simply don't understand... can you shed some light?
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    Bump... Marc, Beuler, anyone???
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    Sure. The console is for infrequently used options, some of which are experimental. Putting lots of options in menus is distracting (not to mention confusing), so I try to avoid it if possible. If it appears that turbo is as safe as I think, I'll just turn it on without making it an option. The other console commands are hardly used at all.


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