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    I've a Palm 515 that I use every day. I'm considering updating my Verizon cell phone with a Treo 650 once the show up. Will I be able to just plug in the Treo and hotsync, getting all my data down from the Palm Desktop to the Treo? Any known issues ?

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    Check out this thread. It is for Cingular users but a lot of the concepts will apply to you.

    Essentially, you need to do a clean install. Bringing anything over from your old Palm is just BEGGING for trouble. If there are any apps you like, check with the developer to see if they've updated them.

    Also, use the phone for a couple of days without syncing. Make sure it works as a phone FIRST, and as a PDA second.

    You HAVE to use the Palm Desktop version that comes with the Treo. It goes on the internet and downloads settings for your phone. Also, do not install over you current setup, or your old stuff will come over.

    If you keep your contacts in the Palm Desktop, there are ways to export that data and reimport it into the new Desktop.

    Good luck.
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