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    I have been trying to download an application for mp3 ring tones for my treo 600. I have found from reading other threads on this site that ringo pro and pocket tunes are both good choices. However when i try to download these applications, the treo says it does not support this software and i must first download an application. So is there another application i must have before i can download these applications? Also I found one site that said ringo pro will not work without pocket this true?
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    I just tried to download pocket tunes again and this is the message i received...

    The file you have requested is in a format that is not currently supported. You will need to install an application which can read this file if you would like to load it.

    What application do i need to install?
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    perhaps you are trying to download a .zip when you should be downloading .prc if you you are downloading using the Treo650
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    no im not using a 650. I have a 600. Could it still be the same problem?
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    Ashley, I am currently having the same problem. I have been in contact with normsoft support and so far they have told me to:

    1. Make sure you have deleted any trial versions of p-tunes before downloading new version.
    2. Make sure you have an application that unzips files.
    3. Make sure you have enough internal memory to support it.

    Unfortunately, none of these things fixed my problem. I am waiting on a reply to an e-mail I sent them yesterday and I will post the answer here.

    If you have had your problem fixed, please let me know how. Also, I got a free version of p-tunes for registering at Palm One and am wondering if they might have a bug in thier system. Did you get yours from palm one also?
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    Oh yeah, I am also using the 600.
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    Normsoft support said to download it to my home pc then sync it to my phone. It worked!

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