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    When I update my Treo 'Mail' box, all of my new incoming & outgoing mail is showing up on the 'inbox' page... I guess b/c of the way Gmail groups conversations?

    Any idea on how to get all the outgoing (stuff I sent to others from my computer) out of the 'inbox' and into the 'out/sent' box??
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    I think you can create a 'filter' that will put the sent mail into a different folder (and archive the mail out of your inbox so it doesnt hit your phone when it checks it via POP). I havent done it because I sent mail via chatter and an imap account.
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    Chatter is the way to go with Gmail (need to forward your stuff to an IMAP account like Fastmail). It rocks!

    Using a POP method, you need to filter as t2gungho, says. I also heard you can turn off threading in Gmail and then you won't get your outgoing mail as well (though threading is one of the coolest things about it).
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    thanks. I will try filtering...

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