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    Hello Everyone,

    I purchased ZLauncher, as well as some themes and icon sets. Is there a way to change an icon for a given item from within the icon images that came with the iconset?

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    if i understand ur question correctly, then no, u can't!

    if u really want to change ur icons then u could purchase a software called 'zlauncher iconset factory', with which u could create your own custom iconsets. u can find the software here.
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    I did purchase that, but they aren't overriding the default icons. I go in a preview the icon set, the icons are there, but they are not overriding the defaul icon in the menus.
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    kinda dumb question... but you are selecting the iconset under Zlauncher > Theme Manager, rite? 'coz the icons are supposed to show without a problem otherwise.

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