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    Who has a suggestion for a GOOD mileage tracking program. I'm not looking for something that tracks my auto fuel and the like. What I am looking for is something that tracks specific trips, distance, client names, etc. Searches have turned up empty for this type of app...

    I used to use a product by Iambic, but that one is really overkill for what I need. I don't need the time component. I guess I could use memopad or a docs to go spreadsheet, but would like something dedicated to this task.

    Suggestions are appreciated.

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    Palm V-->Visor Deluxe-->Visor Prism-->Visorphone-->Treo 180-->Treo 600-->Treo 650 on Sprint-->Treo 700p-->Centro-->Diamond-->Pre-->HTC EVO 4g???!
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    Odo just released an update. So far, no problems on my Treo 650.
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    It also snuck into PalmGear, during that two-three week period when no updates were reflected. 2 versions: with/without desktop (Win). $25 max, if you can't find a discount.
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    I've never used a mileage program, but remembered seeing several on freewarepalm. Have you tried any of these ?
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    ColKurtz, trust me, I went thru em all, freebie and paid. I had just about given up, and started working on an Excel spreadsheet --- when I noticed the Odo update. Stable (Treo 650) and EASY/QUICK to insert data in the car. I registered it within a couple of days. Haven't played around with the desktop component yet, but it looks ok at a quick glance. Now I'll just convert that spreadsheet for billable hours purposes.

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