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    so my wife and I have 650's on Cing
    and use Roadrunner as our home ISP

    I've setup the pop-server@blahblah
    and smtp-server@blah blah just like the desktops are
    and just the way RR CS suggested

    and we can get mail just fine
    but cannot send it

    RR CS said there was no need for a proxyserver service nor do they offer one

    and also suggested (which is way slow because the home page takes a long time to DL)

    I did a search and didn't find an answer

    is there a better way to send mail?
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    I dont think you can use the RoadRunner SMTP server to send email from outside the RoadRunner network. I have RoadRunner, and last time I checked (like 5 years ago) they did not offer user authentication for outgoing mail from computers outside of their network (like the Treo). Your desktop works because its connected directly to their network. The Treo will come through Cingular's network and try to hit the SMTP server from the outside. This is done to prevent non-subscribers from using their email server. You can get mail from outside, but you cannot use their servers to send email.

    You can try using "" as your outgoing server, without any user ID or authentication. I have read in other forums that this server works, but some people say it doesn't. I have my own server with POP, IMAP and SMTP server, so I use it for my outgoing mail, and I check incoming mail from the RoadRunner POP server.

    Hope it works for you!!!
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