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    I did a search but found no definitive answer on this. I just got a samsung dvr. I have directv service with tivo capability. I want to transfer content to my laptop & convert to a format to watch on my treo 650. has anyone successfully dont this with this setup? If so, can you post explecit directions as how to do this? Thank you
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    There is no real way to do this unless you have a modified Direct TV Tivo. Try forums or forums for answers to modifying your Tivo. I do have modified Tivos and it is / can be an almost automated process for converting videos to fit your Treo.
    Adam West
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    I would suggest that you do a post on the tivocommunity forum. The forum has a wealth of information and very helpful members. I also have a direct unit with tivo and would be interested in any info. you get. Please keep us posted. Sorry I could not be of more help.

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