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    I've just been through the latest of several complete deletions and rebuilds of Chatter in recent months. It seems like a reasonable price to pay for the privilege of using a product that is constantly innovating, but it isn't much fun.

    The joy of IMAP is that the messages themselves return effortlessly. The hassle is in setting up the accounts all over again. Now that there are SMTP-only's, lots of complex preference check-offs, and other nuances, this is not so simple.

    Could Chatter create a simple text file, maybe in XML format, that would hold all or most of the configuration details? Feed that back in with a "restore configuration" command, and the work is done. This would not only be handy for re-installs; it would also be a good way to experiment with new configurations and preferences.
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    Fantastic idea!! I 2nd the motion...
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