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    I don't want anything fancy...maybe a little ***** proof. I simply want a program that will take the wav/mp3 file, do whatever is needed to make it a ringer tone, and upload it to my Treo 650. Freeware, shareware, ringo, whatever.

    What do you recommend?

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    I recommend Ringo Pro, very reliable and no problems after almost 2 months.

    *I have tried Lightwav and it is very buggy to say the least and the programmer will not publicly address the bugs when asked about them, he is more than aware of them and whenever they are brought up he makes sure to ignore them though he will always try to sell his product on every thread dealing with ringtones...check previous threads and note where he posts and totally avoids my questions about the bugs.
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    CallFilter IF it ever appears.

    LightWav is like finding an old Roach Motel under the kitchen sink, all packed with bugs...

    There's also mRing off the top of my head. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Phone Technician is hard to beat if you don't need distinct ringers for different groups/contacts. Especially since it now supports internal mp3s.
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    What are the options if you DO want to have specific MP3 ringtones for different callers? I know if CallFilter, Ringo Pro, and Lightwav (staying away from that last one thanks to previously posted advice and all the bugs reported everywhere).

    Are there any (cheaper) options? Those apps are all around $30 and all I really want is to assign the MP3 ringtones to specific callers -- don't need any other funtionality, so just wondering if there is anything more economic out there.

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    I ran Mring on my phone with all types of other applications loaded and it worked fine. I loaded it on my bosses T650 and it caused his phone to lock whenever a phone call would come in plus it would not display the callid. He only had like 4 programs on the phone and as soon as I removed MRing it never locked up agian.

    I really liked MRing though, I might end up getting it for my phone and finding my boss another solution.
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    Thanks for the MRing suggestion -- price is right and has just about everything I need. The only thing I can't figure out is how to loop the MP3 ringtones. Mine are only 2-3 seconds and other ringtone apps will loop the MP3 (if it's a short clip) until you answer or voicemail kicks in. With MRing, it only plays the MP3 once, unless I'm missing something. I even have gone to Menu > Settings in mRing and extended the "stop ringtone" setting all the way to 60 seconds to make sure that wasn't causing it to stop.

    I hope this doesn't mean that I would have to loop the MP3s myself and then have to store larger ringtone files.

    Any ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PabloTX
    Phone Technician is hard to beat if you don't need distinct ringers for different groups/contacts. Especially since it now supports internal mp3s.
    i use is since i don't need a special ringer for certain categories.. works well only thing i wish it had was a setting for an alarm but it does even set sms ringtones aswell.. nice little app
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    Mring locks up my phone (Treo 650, unlocked, German version) as well. Very slow (no) tech support. Not worth it.

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