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    To those who have the Xiino browser: run, do not walk, to get your upgrade:

    Then open her up, set your preferences, and ENJOY! Works from all the apps I've tried thus far, including -- be still my heart -- Chatter!

    My jaws hurt I'm grinnin' so hard.

    Oh yeah, Treo 650 folks, take a peek at the other enhancements:
    * Compatible with Landscape mode (Tungsten T3/T5, Sony UX50.)
    * Compatible with Treo650
    (can't confirm; I'm packin' a 600/GSM)
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    Nice, it's about time! I'm glad I can now register it as the default browser.
    I was hoping they'd add support for smaller fonts (like they did with blazer on the Treo 650) to take advantage of the higher resolution screen.
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    I'm considering trying this browser. Any specific advantage/disadvanatges you guys can tell me about? Any info much appreciated.
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    Disadvantage: upgrade policy in the past has been pretty crappy.
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    Advantage much faster then blazer and now works with treo 650 5 way nav fully compatable

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    Anyone know if it will save downloads to the SD card?
    Pre 3 on T-Mobile, 32gb Touchpad
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    is it just me, or is this thing low-res?
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    I was really excited to try it out. It loaded up super fast. Lovin' it. But then I went to and when I signed in it took me to the next page and caused a reset... over... and over... and over. Every single time. So I tried everything was fine. Until I try to sign in and the same things happens. A soft reset every time. So I try going to Guess what happens?

    Nope. No reset. It doesn't do anything. It won't bring up the page at all. It also won't bring up LiveJournal.

    So close, and yet so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by viper_
    is it just me, or is this thing low-res?
    Graphics are hi-res, but the font is still for low-res screen. My #1 hope for enhancement.

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