Most frustrating.

I've been synching my AddressBook contacts with a Palm V, a G5 and a Powerbook, both running OSX10.3.8, via .mac, and all has worked fine for several years.

I did the first sync of my new 650 (unlocked GSM, using a TMobile SIM) using the iSync conduit, turning off the others as instructed, and everything syncs fine EXCEPT the AddressBook contacts didn't come over to the 650- the only ones on the 650 after the hotsync appear to be half a dozen that were in the SIM card of the old phone. (Twenty or thirty others that were in the SIM card aren't visible, either!)

If I add a new contact to AddressBook, or edit an old one (have to actually change something and save for it to work), it appears on the 650 at the next sync, but the bulk of them, over 500, still don't appear. I hate the thought of editing all 500 entries just to get them to sync...