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    Am I crazy?

    I've been using the Innopocket Hard Case for the 650 for a couple weeks. It is a sweet case. I love it.

    Yes, it protects the screen and the keyboard and the rest of the phone from scratches and other damage.

    Yes, it looks like it came from the future on a space ship and that makes me smile.

    But here's the thing that makes me think I might be crazy: I think the case may be acting like a speaker cabinet and magnifying the sound.

    Is that even possible?

    I've tried comparing the same alarm in and out of the case and it seems quite a bit louder. I mean I can hear it from the other side of my house. It scares the cat!

    I don't have one of those things that detects the decibel of a sound or I could know for sure. Anyone else with this case notice this phenomenon or should I book myself into a clinic?
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    Anyone? So you're all saying I'm crazy, or that I'm correct, but you're all saying it very, very quietly. Or maybe I just can't hear you over the new louder vollume of the amplified speaker.
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