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    I was downloading the 1.08 upgrade for the treo 650. And i'm assuming that i need my charger for the upgrade process. I extracted/unzipped the file from my laptop and then it prompted me to hot sync. However in the title bar it's saying CHARGER REQUIRED. And it says to "Plug your phone into the charger and select OK to continue.

    My charger is at home and i'm at work so how will this effect the upgrade process? It's not letting me do anything either. I've taken the battery out to make it reset or what not and it's still showing that message when it powers back on. I need immediate help as to what i'll need to do and if the upgrade has taken place OR if it will pick back up whenever i insert the charger. Someone please help me out. I'm LOST!!!!
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    Directions say pretty clearly that you need the charger. I didn't believe it either but luckily had my charger with me. Good luck!
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    I had a similar situation. I was able to connect it to a charger within the hour though. It picked back up fine, but I don't know if it matters how long you wait. (I wouldn't think so... unless your battery dies between now and then. That could be disasterous!)
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    Ok cool. I'm hoping you're correct. My battery shouldn't die out b/t now and the time i get home. It was charged pretty well. That's why i didn't think i would still need the charger. If that was the case i would have just bought it with me to work. But hopefully the way technology is these days, soon as i hook the hot sync cable back up and insert the charger in the port, things will just pick back up from where it left off as you said.
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    I am getting this same error even with my reboots and sticks at that screen saying "plug your phone into the charger and select OK to continue"...selecting OK does nothing
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    Several people in another thread have been complaining about battery problems after the update. The update instructions actually not only tell you to connect the charger but to have the battery at full charge before starting. Better safe than sorry. Be patient (easier said than done, I know very well) and do it right.

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