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    I am getting infinite resets, randomly on the Treo650 with Verichat ONLY in SMS mode.. the only other background service I am running is Chatter...

    Anyone else having SMS related issues in the latest Verichat on a SprintPCS phone Treo650?

    Lee Ladisky
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    I've had a lot of problems with this. If I knew how to direct you to some threads on this I would. If you search under Verichat/reset etc. you'll see some of them.
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    I am not really having any issues with resets, the only time I see this is if I have been chatting all day, but when you go like 8 hours chatting then its understandable. The other time I have it reset is if I am using Webpro that I downloaded from Treobits, though I think its just cause its a edited version that was made to run on the 600, so that is also not an issue for me. Is the SMS mode that much better on battery life? Do you think its more reliable? The issue I have been having is that for some reason only when I talk to my girlfriend who also has a 650 with verichat, I will get a response back saying that she probably didn't get the message, sometimes she gets it sometimes she doesn't. It still shows her as connected. I am just not sure if its a little fluke. We have been thinking its just cause of when she is at school. Would signal make it act that way? Even if she is connected? I am just not sure I wanted to know what everyone else thought?
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    My problems with Verichat/Treo650 ONLY occur when I have Verichat configured for always on mode using SMS (as opposed to Network). SMS is better because you will get the incoming messages even while on a phone call - network mode only holds backlogged messages for up to 60 seconds according to PDAapps and you will then miss messages when the call is over they will not come through. Additionally, SMS mode does appear better on both battery life and I miss fewer calls because the network isn't updating/refreshing.

    This is a HUGE problem for me - SMS mode is VERY unreliable.
    Lee Ladisky
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leeladisky
    This is a HUGE problem for me - SMS mode is VERY unreliable.
    Same here so I've just gone to Data Only mode which is pretty solid. SMS mode caused me problems before the Sprint upgrade. I even did a hard reset and installed only VeriChat and still had the problem.
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    I've even had resets while running Verichat in data/always on mode... It's frustrating but I love Verichat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bekktek
    It's frustrating but I love Verichat
    Same here. Annoying, isn't it?

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