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    I am currently using the Eudora Internet Suite which includes
    a simple email program.

    My problem with it is that I have to initiate the request to have
    it check for email at the POP server.

    What I would like is an email program that polls by itself in the
    background and alerts me to any new email from the POP server.

    Is there one out there? Further, it shouldn't interfere with other
    background non-email pollers like MUNDU IM, etc.


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    Chatter is the best email client in my opinion. It is an imap client but the developer is adding pop support. Imap gets pushed behind the scenes to your phone but pop has to be polled. This is also done behind the scenes. Pop attachment support is not in yet but will be soon. Chatter has a subforum here in the developers forum. check it out there or at

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