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    I've had my Treo 600 for almost a year now. Cingular is my service provider.

    To make a long story short Palm has replaced my phone 4 times. It's been nice to see them so responsive but I'm tired of my 500.00 phone breaking all the time. So yesterday when I was scheduling my latest replacement (speaker problem) I asked palm what my options were. Palm told me to ask cingular about my options (for a different phone). Cingular refered me to 3 different departments on their end before telling me I'm screwed and my only option was to buy a new phone.

    I work at home and I'm not hard on my phone by any means.

    Does anyone have advice on how to get cingular or palm to man up and give me a different model phone?

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    got a call from corporate. they offered a 650 for $200.00 and I said "no thank you". so they offered me a refund for my 600.

    There wasnt much hassle either. So even though I had a bad experience with my treo 600 hardware I still have a good feeling for the Palmone company.

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