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Subsidy unlock your Treo 650 (CW) - webOS Nation Forums
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    I've been a lurker here for a while and just received my Treo 650 yesterday (I'm very psyched!!). I figured my first post ought to be of high value so here it is.

    A support rep. probably slipped me this number accidentally but it got me the SUBSIDY unlock code the same day. I should also mentioned that I activated my service TODAY (migrated from AT&T and purchased the Treo from Cingular) and that I spoke with 19 individual service reps, each of whom gave me a story that varied slightly until I finally got one who simply asked for me IMEI # (didn't even ask me to verify my phone # or account info!). I will post pics shortly of this Cingular-purchased 650 using a T-Mobile SIM.

    (866) 305-8791

    Once the woman begins speaking press "08" immediately...

    ...Then the following numbers according to your region (although sometimes it doesn't really matter-- but I am unsure about options 2 and 5 and thus I did not use them at all):

    1 Northeast
    2 Northeast telligence (?)
    3 Southeast
    4 Central North
    5 Central North telligence (?)
    6 Central South
    7 West

    I won't say which worked because as I mentioned I called a total of 19 seperate times and basically just got lucky.

    Much thanks to rogersmith00 for his post .

    I basically used his story but added some variations to make it sound more urgent and spice it up a bit. Cheers buddy!
    Good luck folks and thanks for the great web site!

    Okay here are the pics, verified working on T-Mobile network about 5 mins ago:
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