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    Ok I'm new to the Treo scene. Bout a Treo 300 the other day off ebay to give one a try. Got it w/ the sync cable and d/l'ed Palm Desktop 4.0.1. Cannot get the thing to hot sync.

    When I attempt the found new hardware comes up and then I try to prompt it to find the driver. It does but it still doesn't work. The Palm Desktop I got only came with palmusbd.sys and palmusbd.inf. On the palm page they talk about palmusb.sys, visorusb.sys and visorusb.inf. I do not have any of these files w/ my version. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Got it to work.
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    I am having synch problems. Can't get the Palm software to load palmUSB.sys (only palm USBD.sys).

    How did you get the correct driver to load??

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