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    I'm hoping that someone on here can help me since I have gone through Sprint without much success.

    I'm on my second 650 and this one is now having the same problem as my first 650. When I initially bought my 650 I installed the car kit update and paired it to my A6. Everything was fine with all functions working. Then (and I have no idea why this started to happen) for some reason everything would sync over to the A6 apart from the phone book (speed dials). I took my A6 back to Audi and they had it for 2 days running tests. When I went back in they showed me 2 other bluetooth phones that were working just fine (none of them Treo's) with the phone book being imported. I then went to Sprint (on 4 consecutive days) and spoke to their tier 2 support but they were unable to help either. Basically they said that once it pairs with the Audi that were there support ends. Anyway, after showing up 4 days in a row they finally decide to give me a new Treo 650. I installed the 1.08 update on this phone too.

    Again, this was working great, all functions, until yesterday. For some reason (again, no idea why) the phone book is no longer syncing up Now, I know that in the last week I have not installed anything on the Treo 650. I did a soft reset and still no phone book sync. Everything else is working fine: received calls, missed calls, out calls...but no phone book. This is a major pain since I now have to pick my treo up and browse through my speed dials to make an outgoing call.

    Has anyone else (with an A6) noticed this? I could really use some help/advice since Sprint don't know how to help, the A6 works fine with other phones, and there doesn't seem to be a way of getting support from Palm One
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    I've noticed that the treo just blows when it comes to bluetooth support. One thing you may want to look at which i've discovered on my audi is on the Favorites list, make sure you do not have any speed dials or phone numbers with pauses, or comas. even the function to "dial extra digits automatically" will screw up bluetoothing with the car.
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    Thanks for the info. I checked all my speed dials and no commas or anything. The really weird thing is that if I do a hard reset and then just create 1 speed dial it still does not come over
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    Sucks, you pay thousands of dollars for a car with bluetooth and this POS wont even work with it. yet my motorola razor phone works perfectly fine with any bluetooth kit out there. I dont get...
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    I have exactly the same issue although mine is 1 week old and supposedly has all the latest and greatest! This is not good....
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    Can you still make any phone calls?

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