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    In the past, I've received CNN Breaking News updates on my cell phone sent via SMS so that I could be aware of breaking news in the world when it occurs. The breaking news SMS message itself tends to be short enough that I can catch most of it on a cell phone before the message is truncated by the character limitation in SMS. Unfortunately, in order to subscribe to the service, you need to first receive an email from CNN to the address you are attempting to use ( so that you can get a confirmation code (which you can then input on CNN's website or send a reply back with that confirmation code). However, due to the truncation of the SMS message, the code is being truncated and therefore is not showing up on the Treo 650 that I have when I attempt to subscribe to the CNN Breaking News. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can work around this so that I can still receive CNN Breaking News on my Treo 650. I'd prefer that the CNN Breaking News alerts are delivered to my Treo 650 as SMS messages. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    - Marc
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    does the service allow you to change your email address after you set it up?
    you can set it up with your regular email then change it to your sms address.

    just a thought.
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    You can use Yahoo alerts. No problem registering.
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    I don't know about sprint, but Tmobile's email-based sms service has configurable filters. One of the action options on the filter is to forward the message to another email address, either instead of or in addition to alerting your phone. If sprint has anything like that, you can have the cnn message forwarded to an email address so you can see the full message.
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