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    I'm a happy new T650 user who wants to take _all_ my emails with me wherever I go. Chatter looks great except that it appears to be limited to only storing emails on internal memory (correct?). The "alternative" email app that stores email on SD is painfully slow working with IMAP, doesn't support IDLE and costs a fortune.

    In the manaul for Chatter 1.0, v1.1 is estimated for release late Jan-Feb 2005 and is supposed to support SD cards. This sounds like a dream to me. Jan-Feb having slipped, any idea when Chatter will support storing emails on SD?
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    That was the plan back then, but priorities changed, so a variety of different features appeared in place of SD support. I still plan on doing SOMETHING, but I'm not sure what. For IMAP users, it really isn't necessary (IMO) to keep messages on the Treo, especially with the advent of "filtered mailboxes" which can be used to search an entire folder on the server (although more needs to be done with the filtered boxes). So, at this point, I'm not sure what SD card support will be, or when it will be available.

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    Thanks Marc, It's great to get real support on anything - especially when the answers come this quick and from the guy that wrote the software
    I spose i'll have to stick more intelligence into figuring out what gets sucked into the phone. I was just looking for a shortcut as it's already a pretty messy path (outlook <-> exchange <-> vpn <-> uw-imap <-> treo ... and propogate changes from treo/outlook to each other ) I'd love to do it some other way, but can't connect the Treo to our VPN
    Anyhow, just managed to send my own thread off-topic. Have a great weekend.
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    Marc -- I second the option of keeping mailboxes on an SD card. While yes, I agree 100% that while you're on network there's no reason to keep a local copy of IMAP folders, I have plenty of situations when I can't be on net and would still like to be able to access old emails. For example while on an airplane, in a hospital, on travel someplace without coverage, or even just in a building where coverage is flaky.



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