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    From Engadget:

    I don't know how I feel about a Magneto-powered Treo. I think current PPC devices suck from a usability standpoint, but Magneto is looking amazing, at least from a distance, and they do quite a few things better than our current rehashed apps. Stability is a crapshoot, could be pretty stable or unstable, depending on a bunch of factors. But the real deal killer would be Wifi. If this thing has WiFi, that means it would run Skype, and that would make it *killer*. I'm intrigued by this possibility, and I rather like the slight differences in shape and form.

    Reading the article, I found this quote, sad and funny at the same time:

    "According to the illicitly sniffed packets we found, the Treo makes a lovely PDA. 'But it was a pants fone,' said our source, clearly under the impression we were from Accounts. 'So we sent it back to PalmOne with instructions to stop it dropping calls, to fix up the audio, and to make it behave like something from 2005 instead of 1995...'"
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    As you mentioned, stability could be a problem. My bigger issue is that I've been a long-time Palm OS user (now a Treo 650) and have purchased applications to perfect the device for my needs. I can't imagine having to go through that customization process with an entirely different OS. That's a lot of time and money invested, plus I understand that MS apps are more expensive then the equivalent Palm ones.

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