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    My Treo 650 has a battery cover that doesn't fit snuggly squeaks whenever I use the keyboard. Apparently, the lid's pins just don't make for a tight enough fit. I bought the thing at Fry's 2 weeks ago and it's doing very well..but for the annoying squeak.


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    Have you tried to "lubricate" it with a white candlelight? This could possibly stop the squeaking
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    I placed a flat piece of foam rubber between the battery and the cover. It still squeaks, but not as much as before.
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    Yes, I've noticed the same thing with mine. Not bad enough yet to add foam under the cover, but not as good a fit'n'finish as I would have expected for a second gen product.
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    this is a second gen product but a first gen batt door not that's a reason, it just goes wiith the rest of the 650 flaws (faulty p button,crappy camera, a 5 way button that only works 3 ways etc)
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    I folder a sticky note 3 times and put in under the battery lid and it not fits perfectly. Pretty sad that it take a sticky note to fix a problem with a $600 device.
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    What is "white candlelight"?
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    I had the same problem. I actually used the cork backing to a metal ruler i have in my office. Cut it to size, and played around with placement. I found the best thing to do was to put a little extra padding under the OPPOSITE side of where it squeaks. this causes the thing to pull tension up on the side that needs it most, and more creaking battery door.
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    Mine didnt squeek as much as it just moved enough to annoy me. I ususally use the treo in a case so this wasnt much of a problem. Yesterday though, while I was at work I had the treo out of the case and the little movement of the battery door began to annoy me again. I took a business card and cut it to roughly the same size as the battery. I then placed it over the battery and put the door on. Perfect fit. It doesnt budge now. I had it out again today and it was still good and solid feeling in my hand even when i was navigating the 5way or typing on the keys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skysurfer
    What is "white candlelight"?
    I beleive he meant white candle wax.
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