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    i installed notepad v.2.3 (compression files also), i then installed voicememo v 1.2.1 (both of these(voicememo and notepad) to my treo). i then unistalled the treos palmone desktop and installed the zire 72 palmone desk top (same version number but different desktops ) i then made a voice memo and a note > hotsynced > it worked!! > i then unistalled the zire 72 palmone desktop > installed the treo palmone desktop (to avoid compatibilty issues) > made anoher note and voice memo > synced and it worked!!!!! . i did this for my wifes treo and her desktop and for my treo and my laptop. i hope somebody else gets this to work also

    sorry for the late response i have been working 12hrs shifts
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    ^no excuse you belong to treocentral and no where else dang it! LOL

    cool man thanks for the method

    now is it possible to get some screenshots of this memopad/voice thingie. As someone said before, they got rid of diddlebug because this was way better I would like to see this pllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeeeee
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    Thanks Franko515! So apparently, the Zire desktop leaves the conduits as a remnant... there must be a way to identify those conduit files and simply "add them" in.. hmmmm
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    There is, but you have to find the old ConduitBuddy program. It's a pay for use now, but used to be free. Then you have to get the DLLs, activate them via ConduitBuddy, and you'll be golden.

    Of course, you could just download the desktop (for free) and be just as golden. I'm actually thinking about doing this again.
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    Is the uninstall required? Do you think it would work the same if you overwrote the Treo Desktop with the Zire Desktop and then back again?
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    Hmm, I've installed all 5 of the NotePad 2.3 files and the 2 compressions files. I can sync with the Zire72 desktop, but after I install the Treo650 desktop the notepad and voicememo files don't sync and I get an error. Any thoughts? Any downside to just using the Zire72 desktop?
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    Trying to beam with Notepad 2.3 and the two compression files in this thread have been loaded. Sprint 650. I have tried both compatible and regular beam, same error: Beam An unknown problem occurred.
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