I wanted to know a couple of things i hope all you happy Treo owners can help me with.

1st) When i miss a call on my Treo 600 and someone leaves a voicemail i get the standard voicemail tone or alarm if you will and the icon appears on my screen. Now, if i don't check this voicemail for a couple hours and someone else calls and i miss that call too and they also leave a voicemail i get no sound notification what so ever for the second or subsequent voicemails.
Is this normal? a bug? how the heck do you fix it? I really would like to hear a tone alert for each voicemail left!

2nd) I have the latest version of Butler which i purchased for the sole purpose of muting all the annoying alarms, bells, whistles etc... while i'm on a phone call. Unfortunally Butler does not do a very good job in this area Is there some way to mute all the sounds that can possibly occur while your on a phone call ?? I do use Snapper with a tone notification as well as agendus Pro (i've uninstalled the Agendus Mail). I also use megaclock for some neat features but all of these programs make sounds / noises at various events. If there is some way to totally mute all sounds except for the voice of the caller i'm listening/talking to i'd sure like to know the answer!

Happy Treo'ing!