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    Just a warning to everyone. The Sprint 1.08 update has a MAJOR problem with Softick's RAM Drive.

    If you have RAM Drive loaded and you reset your phone it will be stuck in a reset loop until you hard reset and recover from a backup. Even if you try to reset and hold Up on the D-Pad it remains stuck in the loop.

    I have already talked with softick about this and they're looking into it, but so far there's no fix. Actually, they haven't confirmed it's a problem since I'm the only one who's reported a problem. So if anyone else has had this issue (or can successfully use RAM Drive after 1.08) please let me (and them) know.

    They've always been good about getting things fixed in a hurry, so I'm sure it won't be long until this problem is resolved. Until then, procede with extreme caution.

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